Workplace indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is very important for people working in an office building or other commercial premises located in close proximity to industrial units. People working in such environments are often exposed to a low concentration of various industrial chemicals which can over time cause adverse symptom in the most sensitive individuals. Employees working in an office environment can often be exposed to chemical compounds such as ozone (photocopier), Volatiles (Cleaning products and detergents), Fumigation agents (following pest infestations),various toxic vapours (new furnishing and carpets) or biological contaminants (mould, dust mites or bacteria).

React have performed many indoor air quality investigations in commercial premises and office buildings with poor indoor air quality. We employ modern scientific investigation techniques to identify likely causes of the problem and perform a range of chemical and biological sampling and analysis to identified the offending irritants and suggest the most optimal control solutions.

Occupants of buildings with poor indoor air quality report a wide range of health problems which are often called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Tight Building Syndrome (TBS), Building-Related Illness (BRI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

All these conditions describe a range of symptoms which can be linked to spending time in the offending building. People often experience symptoms such as headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, shortness of breath and irritations.

A certain percentage of people may react to a number of contaminants in indoor air, each of which may occur at very low concentrations. Different individuals in the same building may experience different symptoms. Sick building symptoms may also be linked to non-chemical causes such stress, long exposure to display screens poor lightning or temperature.


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