Whole body vibration

React Occupational Hygiene Services Ltd provides a comprehensive Whole Body Vibration (WBV) assessment service in accordance with the requirements of the Control of Vibration regulations 2005. Our experienced assessors will carry out whole body vibration assessment in strict accordance with the guidelines in the ISO-2631-1 & 2 standards.

Your organisation will benefit from a thorough and comprehensive whole body vibration monitoring service, potential reduction of your employees' vibration exposure levels and continuous regulatory compliance.

We have carried out a range of whole body vibration measurements for our client performing quarrying and agricultural operations.

Vibrating machinery transmits vibration through the body causing internal organs to vibrate. These induced vibrations can result is serious health disorders such as lower back pains or spine problems. Whole Body Vibration is a widespread recognised industrial problem affecting many workers, in many industries, but particularly in construction, agriculture, forestry and transport. Whole-body vibration (WBV) is transmitted through the seat or feet. Harmful levels of vibration can either be directly or indirectly connected to many health problems including nervous, circulatory, and digestive system problems and degenerative changes to the spine.

Our knowledgeable and experienced occupational hygienists are members of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and are fully qualified to carry out and interpret whole body vibration measurements. Working in partnership with clients, our experts will tailor the assessment to the exact requirements of the sites and work processes concerned and work to identify and implement practical solutions to problems identified.


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