Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of concern to all of us, since we spend a substantial amount of our time indoors, be it at the office, our home or commercial buildings and establishments. People face significant health risks due to repeated exposure to indoor air pollutants. Exposure to these harmful substances can lead to multitude of immediate and long-term health problems. It is therefore essential for our well being to ensure that the quality of the indoor living environment is good and doesn’t cause harm to the occupants. The most vulnerable people are often those who spend significant amounts of time indoors such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease sufferers, chronically ill, young children and the elderly.

If you suffer from an indoor air quality problem we can provide you with a professional, thorough and scientifically based assessment.

In the process of indoor air quality investigation we will assess the documentation and history of the occupants’ symptoms and complaints. We will inspect heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, assess the spatial distribution of building occupants and evaluate the sources of potential irritants located both inside and outside the building.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) investigation is a technically demanding task which involves many stages and typically consists of:

  • Overall building survey including immediate surrounding;
  • Detection of water damage or elevate moisture zones;
  • Consultations with occupants to establish exposure – symptoms relationships;
  • Sampling for various biological, chemical an particulate contaminants;
  • Analysis of collected samples and identification of likely causes.
  • We are helping to create a healthy and pleasant living environment by identifying the root causes of indoor air quality problems and neutralising the risks.


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