Biological contaminants

We can carry out environmental sampling programs to monitor for general levels of hygiene implementing a variety of methods including visual inspection and ATP monitoring (surface protein residues). We routinely undertake pathogen specific environmental sampling to monitor for the presence of harmful pathogens or process contamination bacteria that may be present.

We conduct our work and serve our clients with great pride and passion through meticulous dedication to detail, responsive service, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. Constantly striving to deliver even better understanding to our customers, we regularly update our skills base so that we can offer the best available advice.

We understand that each situation has its own characteristics and sterilisation criteria; therefore we work with our clients to provide the most appropriate solution specifically tailored to the needs of the situation. The fully independent consultancy is staffed by qualified technicians capable of conducting a wide range of microbiological and chemical tests in domestic and commercial environments.

Fundamental basis of each microbiological monitoring program is a thorough risk assessment. Comprehensive risk assessment of the existing situation helps to establish the most suitable and effective microbiological monitoring program. Variety of sampling programs includes the collection of samples prio-, during-, and post- production, post-disaster and post-sanitation.


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