Project Details

Allergens, microorganisms and chemical verification of home cleanliness

pets allergensWe have carried out evaluation of indoor environment for the presence of various biological allergens and chemical compounds. The objective of our project was to provide evidence that a property was free from irritants and allergens before sensitive new-born is to come and live in the property. We have designed an evaluation protocol most suitable for the presented situation and assessed the occurrence of allergens such as those associated with dogs, cats, mice, rats, cockroaches and dust mites. We have also measured the levels of airborne moulds and bacterial and looked for most common bacterial pathogens such as E. Coli on the house hold items. In addition to biological evaluation methods we have also tested for levels of potentially hazardous chemical compounds associated with indoor environment.

Our robust assessment strategy, validated measurements and analytical methods provided solid scientifically based and reliable data to prove that the property is free from potentially harmful allergens.

houseIn this assessment case we have drawn on our extensive experience with assessing indoor environments, our knowledge of acceptable and likely irritant levels an pier-reviewed medical and scientific publications. Indoor allergens and irritants can sometimes form complex relationships between the buildings, their uses, occupants and lifestyles and therefore a great variety of factors needs to be considered in a comprehensive indoor air quality study.


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