Lead Exposure Monitoring

Lead is a cumulative and toxic substance. Employees who swallow or inhale lead compounds during their normal work activities may become ill from lead poisoning. Although lead is eliminated from the body at a slow rate, inhaling even a small amount of a lead compound over an extended period of time may cause lead poisoning. The lead stored in the body may be slowly causing irreversible damage: first to the cells, then to the organs, and finally to the whole body system.

Our technicians can perform a comprehensive Lead Exposure Assessment which typically involves:

  • Hazard determination,
  • Exposure monitoring;
  • Evaluation of existing engineering and work practice controls;
  • Suitability of Respiratory (RPE) & Protective clothing (PPE)
  • Housekeeping & Hygiene facilities
  • Training & Signs & Recordkeeping
  • Clean up activities expendable abrasives
  • Your organisation will benefit from implementation of a comprehensive and robust workers protection programme and full compliance with the current regulatory requirements and HSE guidance.

    The most at risk from exposure to lead are construction worker carrying out demolitions, refurbishments or other maintenance work. In addition, workers involved in lead removal projects can become significantly exposed to this toxic metal. Typical operations which can lead to employees’ high exposure to lead are:

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Welding
  • Cutting and burning on steel structures
  • Lead burning
  • Painting with Lead containing paints
  • Lead soldering
  • Manual scraping and sanding
  • Manual demolition of structure
  • Heat gun application
  • Using lead containing mortar
  • Abrasive blasting enclosure movement and removal
  • Power tool cleaning
  • Rivet busting
  • Clean up activities involving expendable abrasives


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