React Occupational Hygiene has a well-established lead survey team helping building owners and managers determine the presence of lead based paints in their premises. We have participated in a variety of project ranging from domestic lead surveys to large scale lead surveys of railway building, bridges and industrial installation.

In cooperation with our clients we routinely prepare supporting documentation, specify safe working practices and prepare lead removal specifications.

Your organisation can benefit from a complete package of lead related services:

  • Lead analysis (waste materials, decorative and construction materials)
  • Lead surveys (domestic and commercial)
  • Add-on hazards evaluations (Toxic and heavy elements, chromium paints and cadmium, asbestos etc…)
  • On site employees' exposure monitoring
  • Biological lead bio-burden monitoring
  • Lead contamination tracking
  • Environmental and site perimeter testing
  • Guidance of regulations and training of employees
  • We are specialists in occupational and environmental exposure monitoring and therefore we can evaluate and advise on control of other work related hazards other hazardous substances, noise, vibration, thermal comfort etc. Our assessors are experienced occupational hygienists capable of assessing multiple hazards present in the working environment. During lead removal projects we can monitor the contractor’s activities to ensure compliance with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations. We provide dedicated support for our clients throughout the whole duration of the project.

    All handling and sampling procedures are carried out in accordance with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations (2002). Our survey team uses various techniques such as paint chip sampling, wipe swabbing and x-ray fluorescence (XRF).

    We can facilitate post-shift biological monitoring for total lead body burden providing thus a complete site risk management package for our clients.

    We can also perform occupation lead exposure monitoring from specialist manufacturing processes which are exempt from lead use prohibitions. We have participated in a lead exposure projects for client working in construction industry, fire safety and surface coating applications and specialist lead soldering operations.


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