Electoplating and metal finishing

Employees working in the electroplating industry are likely to be exposed to a range of toxic substances. Some of these are carcinogens, including nickel, hexavalent chromium and cadmium compounds. Personal exposure assessment of workers back up with a biological monitoring program can provide accurate information on employees exposure levels. This information and be used to maintain or improve the existing control measures.

React will carry out a full assessment of all the relevant work tasks and associated exposure controls. Your organisation will benefit from an independent and thorough assessment of:

  • Exposure monitoring(air, surface & dermal)
  • Biological exposure assessment
  • Management controls evaluation
  • LEV systems checks
  • PPE programme
  • Working practices
  • Exposures to toxic metals in the electroplating industry occur via a combination of inhalation, dermal and ingestion routes. All possible routes of exposure need to be evaluated and adequately controlled. Common problems we often encounter in the electroplating production facilities are fluids splashing on floor and operatives, air management problems causing inefficiencies in the LEV systems and poor prevention of dermal exposures.

    It is very important to protect the health of employees working with toxic compounds. Nickel compounds are classed asthmagens. Soluble nickel salts have recently been reclassified as carcinogens and assigned the risk phrase R49 (May cause cancer by inhalation). Skin contact with nickel and inorganic compounds can cause skin sensitisation. Chromium trioxide is a hexavalent chromium compound, which is a proven category 1 carcinogen. Cadmium and its compounds are also classified as carcinogens.


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