Isocyanates Exposure Testing

Isocyanate exposure testing is one of the most important aspects of continuous worker’s health monitoring program. Isocyanate containing products are widely used in the industry and therefore many work processes have the potential to cause significant exposure employees. The primary routes of exposure are inhalation of isocyanates containing fumes, vapours and particles and direct skin exposure. Regular isocyanates exposure testing is an integral part of maintaining a safe environment for your employees and preventing sensitisation leading to development of occupational asthma.

Isocyanates are powerful irritants to the respiratory tract and mucus membranes around the eyes. Due to their widespread use isocyanates are considered leading causes of occupational asthma in the UK.

To fully evaluate employees’ exposure levels and effectiveness of existing engineering controls our technical assessor will carry out personal and static isocyanates exposure monitoring. We can also provide our clients with biological monitoring method for isocyanates exposure. Exposure to isocyanates can occur at all stages of the manufacturing process from initial surface application to final curing or cutting of materials.

The most widely used industrial isocyanates are:

  • TDI – toluene di-isocyanate furniture and car seats)
  • MDI – diphenyl methane di-isocyanate (rigid foams for car bumper bars or insulation)
  • HDI – hexamethylene di-isocyanate: (paints and lacquers)
  • NDI – naphthalene di-isocyanate (elastomers)
  • MIC -methyl isocyanate (pesticides; shoe soles or small wheels; binding agents)

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